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How do you want to finish 2022? The same person you were when you made those new years resolutions… or someone that took action to become the version of themselves they always wanted! Maybe you started 2022 with a motivated outlook… ‘new year, new me’ as they say! But you lost the dedication & you haven’t achieved your dream body & mindset. NOW you are waiting for the ‘new year, new me’ cycle to begin… AGAIN! Well, it’s not too late to achieve your goals…⬇️ I have 6 COACHING SLOTS for those that want to achieve a body & mindset transformation this winter!! Delivering high-quality, standout results is my #1 priority – and I have 6 spaces for those who want to build their physique & skyrocket body confidence ready for 2023! This isn’t your typical coaching service, where you’ll be given a strict meal plan & generic workouts to do ALONE. I will work closely alongside you, guiding you through our tailored coaching phases around nutrition, and exercise, which have proven results. Creating a realistic workout & nutrition approach that is designed around YOU, your lifestyle, work, and preference without feeling overwhelmed & restricted over the next 90 days! I ONLY have 6 slots for people who are ready to: – BUILD over 5kg of muscle mass while SHREDDING fat – Become more body confident & create SUSTAINABLE habits – Remove gym anxiety & gain a bulletproof mindset – Learn the pillars of training & how to stay consistent – Be held accountable daily for guaranteed results Ready to commit & make 2023 the year YOU become a confident, fulfilled, motivated, and energised version of yourself?? It’s time to join my incredible coaching team!‼️


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