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HELI TASK was created to fulfil a need to deliver a top-quality service in aerial optical solutions to both private and commercial clients, which is both competitive yet affordable, highly professional, yet retaining a friendly approach and attention to detail to ensure your desired result is achieved.

Aerial Photography and Videography
Whether it’s adding that extra 3rd dimension to your special wedding day video, landscape imagery to brighten up your home or capturing footage and images where a standard camera just doesn’t cut it; HELI TASK will work closely with you to help you make your vision become reality. Put yourself, your business or organisation above the rest and contact us now to see what we can do for you.

Promotional Imagery
A short aerial video of your property or estate is not only highly progressive for Estate Agents but will also give any of your prospective buyers a hugely enhanced perspective when included as part of your marketing plan.

You can treat your buyers to an impressive 3-dimensional panoramic view setting your property apart from those using standard ground-based photographs.

Call HELI TASK to see how we can help you uniquely showcase your property ahead of your competition.

Building and Roof Inspections
Save yourself, or your business, time and money identifying maintenance needs, expensive heat loss (by use of our thermal imaging system) or storm/wind damage by using us to carry out an aerial inspection of your buildings and roofs.  Through early detection you can prevent problems from developing into more serious issues

HELI TASK can provide you a video record with a birds-eye view, saving you much time and expense hiring scaffolding/scissor lifts, or having to expose you or your staff to unnecessary risk working at hight using ladders or rope access. Contact us to see how a drone survey can be carried out quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of disruption, giving you a more informed, cost effective and above all, safer option.

Thermal Inspections
With increasing interest in cleaner energy, we are seeing more solar panel installations being established to supplement regular energy bills.

HELI TASK offers infrared FLIR capability to assist in keeping all your solar panels operating at their peak efficiency.  The use of thermal cameras can identify cells or entire panel strings that are degrading by sensing subtle changes in temperature.  This inspection is not only useful as part of your planned maintenance schedule, but ideally used as part of your initial base-line tests ensuring the entire installation is operating at full capacity when first coming online.

A drone can quickly inspect large areas of commercial solar panels that it would take technician’s hours or possibly days to test manually.  The thermal data is used to pin-point anomalies enabling technicians to ‘zero-in’ and diagnose developing faults far earlier.

The Fleet
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mavic Air 2S
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

The sky is no longer the limit

If you need to see it from above, maybe time is a priorty, but safety a necessity; contact Simon at Heli Task –

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